KBC Manager Akash Verma | KBC Lottery Fake Call Complaint

KBC the Indian TV show has been running for many years by hosting KBC manager Akash Verma. Now KBC is very popular game show that is aired on KBC Entertainment Television. The show has many successful seasons, and it has been running since 2010. The KBC lottery manager name is Akash Verma. He is from Mumbai, India. He is 45 years old.

According to KBC, the current lottery manager in KBC is Mr. Akash Verma. His contact number is +19188444474. He belong to Kolkata, West Bengal India. Akash Verma is hosting KBC since 2013.

The game show is hosted by Akash Verma, who is also the brand ambassador of KBC. The show was first aired on Star Plus on 17 September 2000 and has since then become one of the most watched shows on Indian television.

Akash Verma works as a lottery manager at KBC, which is a real lottery game show of KBC TV; and first time its appear in 2013. They are part of the lottery team and their management level is A-Level. Akash Verma is currently based in Mumbai, India.

Akash Verma KBC

Akash Verma KBC Lottery 2023

Any citizen residing in India can apply in the KBC lottery by calling on Akash Verma KBC lottery manager. The application process is not different from other shows on the channel you need just call the helpline number of KBC Company. You need to wait till the new season registration starts, after the season opening you can register your self on KBC official website. Once you have filled it up, send it to the KBC Rana Pratap Singh WhatsApp number +19188444474 along with other required documents.

You can also participate by sending your video message or auditioning on KBC company helpline number at any of the selected venues. These venues will be announced later by KBC Company in 2023.

How to Participate in KBC

Millions of people participate in KBC every year to win a huge amount of money. If you are also one of those who want to win KBC lottery 2023, then here is how you can participate in it and how can you check whether or not you are lucky enough for winning this game.

The official helpline number of KBC company will be announced after the draw which will be held on every Saturday evening at 6:00 pm IST (Indian Standard Time). The winners list will be available online, but it is better if we wait till the official announcement comes out on television channels like KBC TV, Colors TV etc.

Jio Lottery Scam

The Jio Lottery scam has been spreading through social media and messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and others.

There are some complaints regarding fake calls received by the players. Some players have reported that they receive a call from KBC in which they are told that they have won a prize and are asked to deposit money in a bank account. But once they deposit money, they never get their prize or they lose all the deposited amount. This is very unfair and can cause huge losses to players who follow this advice blindly. KBC has taken action against such fraudsters by filing a case against them at the local police station but it has not stopped them from continuing their activities. Now you might be wondering how these people are able to fool so many people at once? Here’s how: