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KBC WhatsApp Lottery 2023 – KBC Lottery Winner 2023 25 Lakh List

There are many different forms of lottery winning in the KBC Lottery 2023. For esteemed customers, KBC provides you with the elegant knowledge of WhatsApp Lottery 2023. It has developed the IMO lottery winning headquarters and provides different types of KBC lottery agents. The WhatsApp lottery system was developed by KBC, and some people make money from their SIM cards. Lottery information is managed by several KBC departments. Winners of the WhatsApp lottery can be seen around on the internet, and we also have them here. In addition, we provided the KBC headquarters number, so if you have any questions relating to the lottery, you can reach out to ask.

It is indeed great news that everyone can now participate in the WhatsApp lottery; you can call +19188444479, which is basically registered with KBC to participate in the KBC WhatsApp lottery. Even if you receive WhatsApp KBC lottery-related calls of 25 or 35 lakh or if a customer knows about KBC WhatsApp winners list 2023 of 25 lakh or 35 lakh at that time, call KBC WhatsApp headquarters. We give complete information about WhatsApp lucky draw 2023, a list of lucky winners in 2023, and a fake KBC lottery number.

Call KBC WhatsApp online support number, call or send WhatsApp messages during the day for lottery information. KBC WhatsApp helpline provides reliable information, especially all types of lottery tickets. For more information on how best to participate in the KBC 2023 lottery, call the real WhatsApp number of KBC headquarters at 0019188444479.

KBC Lottery Winner 2023 25 Lakh List

No:KBC Winners Name:WhatsApp Numbers:Winning AmountKBC Lottery Number
1.Rahul Kumar983******73225,00,000 INR8991
2.Vijay Sharma787******92825,00,000 INR0150
3.Neha Singh732******00225,00,000 INR89917
4.Sunder Singh878******99035,00,000 INR50718094
5.Rajesh Kumar Gupta888******12135,00,000 INR1000912
6.Sandeep Kumar643******92850,00,000 INR0044
7.Imran Khan DK993******5521,00,00,000 INR0786

KBC WhatsApp Winner Fraud

It is your responsibility not to answer the wrong call. To prevent this type of KBC lottery fraud, KBC WhatsApp introduces an online system to perform name-checks on the list of KBC WhatsApp winners 2023. In addition, you call the phone number provided on the KBC website to find out about fake WhatsApp text messages. If you receive a fake call, you can send a complaint to our KBC customer service number. People get messages from unknown sources telling them they have won prizes from KBC. Only greedy people will respond to such prank calls and messages and feel pressured—those who make such calls use a technique that innocent people can trust them and lose money.

KBC Lucky Draw 2023

KBC values and esteems each of its users; therefore, participating in the KBC Lucky draw 2023 involves an easy process that permits everyone’s participation. Although, there will be a need for you to adhere to some simple steps before active participation in the competition. Before anything else, the first thing is constantly recharging the SIM Card you have in mind to use. After a successful recharge a couple of times, the KBC database will automatically update the mobile number of the customer. When it has been updated and registered in KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition 2023, the customer will be an eligible & registered member of KBC.

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