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Fast-forward to 2023. Kerala is today the investor’s paradise and ranks first among all states in tax collection from lotteries. It has been a fascinating journey for the State that began with a chance encounter between two great minds – Shri P. K. Kunju Sahib and Dr. E. Ahmed of Technological Institute, Thiruvananthapuram. Who came up with the idea of holding a lottery in the form of a booklet with 30 tickets each worth Rs. 10/- with prize money of Rs. 1 lakhs guaranteed in each ticket regardless of whether it was sold or not.

The first draw of the Kerala State Lotteries took place on October 12, 1967. It is an event that surprised everyone by becoming a massive hit instantly, and the success story started from that day.

Kerala Lottery Guessing WhatsApp Group Link

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How to get Kerala Lottery winning number in a WhatsApp group?

Now you can get the Kerala Lottery winning number in a WhatsApp group. This is an entirely free service and will be helpful for those who spend a lot of time on WhatsApp. WhatsApp users can join the WhatsApp Group and receive the Kerala KBC Lottery Winning Number on their phones.

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Is the WhatsApp lottery real or fake?

Many online users have been receiving a message claiming that they have won 25 lakh rupees in the lucky draw conducted by WhatsApp. The message also asks the user to click on a link to claim the prize.

However, this is a hoax; security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia has said he received such messages from his friends and relatives. He also claimed that many people have been falling for this scam.

He advised people not to click on any link or share information with anyone if they receive such messages.

Check KBC lottery Number Online

To checkout the KBC lottery online or Kerala lottery online on this KBC official website please call KBC head office number and get your KBC lottery number. After getting the KBC lottery number please enter your winning mobile number in the lottery number and click on the check lottery button. Shortly you will see the lottery result of your winning mobile number. If you face any issue please contact the Kerala lottery head office number which is +19188444474.

Kerala Lottery Fake or Real

Kerala state lottery department is the legal and the most authentic source of lottery tickets in Kerala. The official website of the Kerala lottery department is However, many websites in Google show Kerala lottery results with winning numbers. These websites can be fake, so it is advised to use only the official website for checking results.

While checking results from the official website, it is recommended to use only Google Chrome or Firefox browser as both these browsers automatically translate the page for you. This will help you find results much faster than other browsers.

Kerala State Lottery Agents

Kerala State Lotteries are being sold by an extensive network of agents and sub-agents throughout the State. The Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries has authorized some agencies for printing and supply lotteries to the sales outlets.

Many unauthorized agents are selling Kerala lottery tickets online illegally. So we suggest you buy only from authorized agents in your area.

Please keep in mind that buying a ticket does not guarantee that you will win any prize. To participate in the draw, buy an original lottery ticket with a serial number before the official time declared by the Kerala lottery department.

Official Lottery Agents

You can find Kerala states lottery agents list on the official website of the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries. Avoid other agents not mentioned in the list provided by the Kerala State Lottery official website.

The Government established the Department of Lotteries in 1967 to organize, conduct and promote lotteries in Kerala. It is a part of the finance department of the Government of Kerala. The Department’s main objective is to enhance non-tax revenue for the State without affecting the general public.

Kerala government-held draws daily, weekly and bumper lotteries. According to Kerala state government rules, the prize money for all these draws is fixed.

KBC WhatsApp Lottery

KBC is expanding its lottery to WhatsApp and Facebook. The main reason is to make people aware of the real lottery of KBC.

The scammers are using their name, so they have decided to make a new official platform.

It is suggested to check your KBC lottery on their official website.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is believed that the Kerala Lottery is popular among the people because it offers a considerable amount of prize money as compared to other lotteries in India. The lottery also features various categories and subcategories from time to time. Thousands of people across the State and other parts of the country eagerly wait for the results on Wednesdays and Saturdays.