KBC Lottery Winners List 2023 | KBC Lottery 2023 Season 14

Are you excited about KBC 2023? All India is a big fan of KBC. Amitabh Bachchan’s show’s vital tagline KAB TAK ROKOGE is everything Indians believe. So here we will share all about KBC 2023, how you can register for KBC 2023, and what it is? So keep reading and find everything about this popular show.

It has season 12 in 2023, so it has some differences from season 11. We all know that the option to call a friend for help is changed into ASK THE EXPERT LIFELINE. So this season, you will also find some differences in rules and regulations.

But first, you need to be aware of scams as the KBC is gaining so much popularity, so there is also a massive increase in scams. Don’t trust any call you are receiving from the KBC lottery and say that you are the lucky winner of the 25 lakh prize. Ensure that you will have the trusted list of winners regarding resources.

KBC lottery winners list 2023

Kbc WhatsApp lottery winners 2023Lottery amountLottery number
Mr. Satyawant Mallana25000089910
Mr. Pran Nath Thapar2500001122
Mr. Arjun Singh25000089915
Ms. Harmanpreet Kaur25000089917
Ms. Smriti Mandana25000098800
Mr. Sachin Singh2500004455
Ms. Keriti Bajwa25000089911
KBC WhatsApp Winner 2023

Congratulation to all these lucky winners of KBC 2023. It is the only authentic winner’s list of KBC, so don’t rely on false information. If you receive any call with the name KBC and ask for upfront money to deliver the cash, then it’s fake. KBC never asks you for the money or any registration fee.

Moreover, if you have any doubt, you can confirm your query by calling or contacting the WhatsApp number of KBC 2023. +19188444474 is the only official WhatsApp number of KBC that is open for every Indian to contact and clear their query.

KBC Lottery 2023 season 12

If you want to register for KBC 2023, you need to enter the mobile number and be a part of a lottery of 25 lakh. They have the head office in Delhi where you can contact directly through WhatsApp and get the authentic information.

Again we are advising you that if you receive any call from the name of KBC and ask for the cash to give you prize money, then don’t trust them. First, you need to contact the original WhatsApp number of KBC and then talk to their helpline. Moreover, it is also easy to check online. Go to KBC checkkbclotterynumber.com and visit their online lottery checker page. Enter your mobile number and lottery number. It will give you the correct information about your winning money or not.

You will only receive the KBC call from the head office if you make the registration. Every winner will get the money from head office Bandra and never trust fake calls. Keep in mind that you will only get money if you have the lottery number. So first, register yourself through KBC to get the actual calls.

Check KBC Lottery Online 2023

How to be a part of KBC Winner 2023

Now we would like to say congratulations to All Indians. You all can participate in an amazing live show without any online or call registration. KBC has direct contact with all Indian sim card companies. So your numbers are all already in the lucky draw of 2023. So keep connected with the KBC forum at TV live or on the official website.

Soon you will receive your lottery number in the form of 8991.

Moreover, it is also easy to be a part of the KBC lucky draw in 2023. Many people ask to join it personally. So it is an easy process. You need to recharge your sim card and send your number to the KBC live jackpot. In this way, you will get two chances to win the lottery in a month.

Now, if you want to get direct customer support or help through officials of KBC, then make a call at their WhatsApp number +19188444454. It is the only helpline to get accurate information and protect yourself from scams. 

KBC WhatsApp Winner 2023

Every year KBC brings many changes to its interface. This year in 2023, the most significant difference is that no one from India needs to register their numbers. Now you may be amazed at how it is possible to win the lottery without registration?

But yes, it is the most famous Indian game of luck. We all know that the rate of scams related to KBC winners increases, and many Indians also get the wrong calls from fake KBC numbers.

So the KBC took the giant step, and now season 12 has different methods to announce the winners. There is also the high risk of scams but now you have to differentiate between fake and accurate information with proper research.

Who are the KBC WhatsApp winners of 2023?

KBC directly contacts all Indian sim card companies. So every Indian is part of the lottery this year. Are you excited to win the prize of 25 lakh without doing anything or any registration? Of Course, everyone wants to change their lifestyle, so it’s great news for Indians. After automatic registration at the KBC platform, every Indian will receive a lottery number based on four digits.

Now, as the KBC already registers the sim card numbers of every person, so nobody needs to do the registration process online or virtually.

KBC makes a WhatsApp forum where you can contact and get relevant information.

Kbc winners 2023

Now here we are going to share the WhatsApp winners of 2023. All these are the luckiest people who win a prize of 25 lakh, and now their lives are changed.

How to get the cash prize

Again, congratulations to all winners. You may be confused that your name is available in the above list, but how do you get the cash prize?

So it’s easy. You will receive a WhatsApp message from their official number stating that you are the winner of 25 lakh. First, ensure that it is from the official number, and you can also check the WhatsApp website of KBC 2023. You will contact Rana Partab Singh, KBC administrator, to get the cash prize.

If you have any queries related to it, then you can visit the KBC official website and get the authentic information

All the information is also authentic, according to officials. So you can rely on it and don’t trust scammers through fake calls.