Vodafone Lucky Draw Fiji Winners List Today – KBC Vodafone Lucky Draw 2023 in Fiji

Winning the lottery is always exciting in Fiji and India. Without making any effort, you can win the lottery. Sounds great, naa? Well, if you are looking forward to any chance to win the lottery from your comfort zone, you are on the right website. We all know about KBC, a famous game show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Yes, you heard it correctly, kbc which gives you a chance to test your knowledge and win money. Just like KBC, there is a lottery that gives you a chance to win a lot of money, known as the KBC Vodafone lucky draw in India and Fiji.

According to Vodafone, Mr. Vijay Kumar is the latest lottery winner in Fiji. He won 50,000$ in KBC Vodafone Lucky Draw 2023. His lucky coupon number is 8991. Furthermore information please contact KBC Vodafone lottery head office number +19188444474.

KBC Vodafone Lottery 2023

The KBC Vodafone lottery gives people the opportunity to win a lot of money just by sitting on their couch watching their favorite web series. It gives you the chance to win up to Rs. 7 crores. lottery allows people to win easy money, and it is a well-known lottery to many. Many people have won up to 25 lakh rupees by signing up for the KBC Vodafone lottery and the Vodafone lucky draw.

It’s not a tough task to do; it is a trustworthy lottery. Who doesn’t trust Vodafone? And KBC, which is running the Vodafone KBC lottery. All you have to do is play KBC and Vodafone lucky draw and you can win up to 25 lakh rupees. It is simpler than it sounds.

You can now check your Vodafone lottery and view your name on the Vodafone 25 lakh prize winner list. And you can also protect yourself from fake calls and SMS. To check your name on the winner’s list, you have to only enter your mobile number and lottery number first.

You can join the Bharti Vodafone by using your sim cards from Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone, if you get any kind of lottery number 8991, 89915, etc., please contact KBC Head office.

Vodafone Lucky Draw Fiji Winners List Today

  • Mr. Rahul Singh winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery number 8991 WhatsApp Number 858****622.
  • Mr. Rana Pratap Singh winning amount of 25 Lakhs Lottery number 89915 WhatsApp number 968****658.
  • Mr. Jumma Bhatti winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery number 98810 WhatsApp number 748****622.
  • Mr. Imran Khan, winning amount of 25 lakh, lottery number 2244, WhatsApp number 982****622.
  • Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s winning amount is 25 Lakh Lottery number 1122. WhatsApp number 778****021.
  • Mr. Akash Chopra’s winning amount is 25 Lakh Lottery number 0150. WhatsApp number 688****325.
  • Mr. Sajid Rai won 25 lakhs in the lottery number 89910. His WhatsApp number is 956****145.

If you have any queries or for more information, please get in touch with us. If you have any questions regarding the KBC Lottery winner list, you can consult with us without any hesitation. Contact us: KBC lottery winner list, +9188444474 toll-free KBC contact number. This number is the official number for KBC

KBC Vodafone Lottery 2023

KBC sim lottery winner 2023

KBC is the most famous and popular show in Indian television history, which has been broadcast for decades. This show is hosted by the most famous, inspiring, and beloved actor, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, who is an inspiration to all the youth and film industry. This show has fulfilled many people’s dreams. It has been running for decades and inspires many.

Many of its participants have won critical acclaim. The singer of KBC has written a book which is a valuable guide for many guests of KBC. You can go through the book for new modules and new information regarding the game. You can also find out the correct answers.

The lucky draw terms and conditions have changed to simplify the registration process. They have been changed as of 2023. The competition has become much easier for ordinary people to participate in and get an opportunity to win incredible cash prizes. The updated registration process has resolved the issue of lengthy forms and complicated procedures.

However, the KBC lottery is indeed a great chance to earn money. There are many scams and traps. It is important to be aware of the scams of the lottery. Be careful with your money. It’s all about luck, which plays the real game. If you have luck on your side, you will be able to win fantastic prizes.

KBC gives the applicant a chance to take home INR 7.4 crores. The only thing that makes it come true is your luck. You just need to learn how to avoid being scammed and what to do if you get trapped. Anyone who gets fake calls and messages should be cautious not to fall into these traps. If you experience any difficulties throughout the game, you can contact the official team in the main office of the KBC.

KBC lottery no 8991 winner names

In KBC, the most common KBC lottery numbers include 8991. This lottery number can be won thrice in a month. This is also called a lucky number. People who buy the lottery are also advised to buy the lottery starting with the number 8991 because of the chances of getting prize money. and getting the first position in both the KBC and Vodafone Lucky Draw. These are the most frequently used lottery numbers in KBC: 98810, 8991, and 89917, 0150, 1122, etc.,

The most winning and number ticket number, on the other hand, is 8991.Because this lottery number was the first to be drawn in every KBC lottery draw,8991 is the most common lottery number. This lottery has a long history, but using it for material gain is a recent phenomenon. You can see many lottery games, but the most famous and well-known lottery is the KBC lottery game, which is run by KBC. As per the KBC, if any winner wants to check their lottery, they can visit the KBC app, using the KBC portal, by sending SMS, and this winner can check their lottery.

KBC lottery number 8991 was launched by KBC to give people the opportunity to win an exciting amount and give them a chance to change their lifestyle. The reason behind the launch of the lottery is that everyone can’t get a chance to play in the KBC TV show. We all know that KBC is the most successful game show in Indian TV history. You can also watch the show on the KBC Liv app or visit the site kbclotterywinnerlist.com.

The launch of the KBC lottery number 8991 contributed to the game show and has resulted in success. The prize is not that much as compared to the game show, but it can make a difference in someone’s life. A winner of the KBC lottery can only win 25 lakhs.

KBC lottery winner 2023 25 lakhs list today

The KBC lottery gives people a chance to win an exciting prize and allows them to improve their lives. It has always been said that the lottery is all about luck. If you are friends with your luck, you can win it.

However, it is said that KBC is a mind game. By using your mind, you can win the game. Clear thinking is vital for winning the game. It is important to have a clear and calm mind while playing. It has been almost two decades, KBC has earned a reputation for itself and has made its name as a brain game. It is not required if you are going to win or not. All you need is a strong brain to win, but you should seek chances of winning.

25 lakh Lottery KBC Winner file

If you want to check your KBC Lottery result online, you just need to enter the winning number and your saved KBC Lottery number. After entering the details, you will have to press the confirm button. You will be able to see the winner’s list. You can also check the winning lottery number, and you can also contact the head office toll-free. The life you contact with KBC’s head office will be provided by the most recent KBC jio code. You are only one step away from being rich if you contact the KBC head office. Participate now in the KBC lucky draw 2023 right away and become a millionaire in one day.

The KBC lottery winner list is always updated. Here we display the most recent and complete winner list. Here are the names of the winners of Lucky Draw 2023.

  • Guru Raghav, Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs
  • Laxmi Jaiswal, Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs
  • Shaikh Abdul Kareem, Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs
  • Shivani Bhardwaj, Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs
  • Arjun Singh, Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs

Vodafone Lucky Draw 2023, KBC Lottery 2023, Vodafone Lottery 2023, gives you a chance to earn money from your comfort zone by means of the Lucky Draw. In this lucky draw, you can win up to Rs. 25 lakhs. The Lucky Draw is an amazing opportunity to test luck and earn money by luck. You can also register for the KBC lottery.

Stay away from the scammers. Some people try to trap innocent people by scamming them. That’s why we suggest you please don’t share your information with anyone.  If you receive a call, you must check the country code of the number. If a fraudster calls you, don’t give them any details and do not credit any amount into their account. You must contact the KBC Lottery Head Office immediately to confirm.